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Photography is more than just a job for me, it is my greatest passion that is part of my life in every situation. I want to inspire other people and create pictures that will still make you smile in 40 years.

I started photography when I was 14 years old and I have not put the camera away since then. Over the last few years photography became my biggest passion, it is something that majorly impacts my life. When I turned 21, I decided to become a freelance photographer, to inspire other people and let them be a part of my passion.


Photography is a lot more than just pressing the shutter button of the camera. Every picture holds a complex concept and a story. The perspective, the game between light and shadow, and capturing the perfect moment, these are just some of the things that play an important role in photography. Additionally, the connection and interaction with the client are important qualities that will make an impact on the finished picture. My goal is to create images that you will look at years later and it still makes you smile.


Hard work and flexibility are also a big part of photography. Getting up at 3 am for a photoshoot and driving through the country is just an example of this. I am constantly learning new things and testing myself in different areas of photography, which significantly helps me to stay creative.

Current projects

Family shooting

Family pictures in a beautiful winter landscape

Maria & Andrey

The beautiful wedding of Maria & Andrey at the Mirabell palace in Salzburg


Free Solo

A project in the Austrian mountains with Stefanie Millinger

Maria & Gabriel

Couple pictures at the beautiful lake Fuschl, to capture moments to remember


Maria Plain

Interior pictures for a traditional, Salzburger company

Patrica & Gina

Friendship pictures at the sunset, to capture the special connection between them



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