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Photography is a lot more than just pressing the shutter button of the camera. Every picture holds a complex concept and a story. The perspective, the game between light and shadow, and capturing the perfect moment, these are just some of the things that play an important role in photography. Additionally, the connection and interaction with the client are important qualities that will make an impact on the finished picture. My goal is to create images that you will look at years later and it still makes you smile.


Hard work and flexibility are also a big part of photography. Getting up at 3 am for a photoshoot and driving through the country is just an example of this. I am constantly learning new things and testing myself in different areas of photography, which significantly helps me to stay creative.


As nature plays an important role in my life, it also does for a lot of my shootings. Portraits and couple pictures are especially beautiful in nature settings. I always try to capture as many emotions as possible in my pictures, this rarely happens in front of a grey wall. I put a lot of work in researching a nice location, but of course I also include the wishes of the client. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me. I want my clients to be happy with the results so that they look at their pictures with a smile and remember the good time they had taking them.


Photography is more than just a job for me. It is my greatest passion and it is my way to create memories that you can look at years later and show to your grandchildren.

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I had my photos taken by Julian Artner last winter for a couples shooting and I couldn't have been happier with the photos that came out! We had a great experience, he was very professional while at the same time showing us a new part of the area that I had never seen before. He is great at directing poses, choosing locations, and editing the photos he takes. I would highly recommend his service to anyone in the city!



Julian Artner is a young talented photographer! He has a great eye for details and I would definitely recommend him. As a businessman I really like his product photography and I will work with him in the future again. Thank you Julian for your great pictures and your professional work!



I've had multiple shooting sessions with Julian and he is more than talented and professional. He is extremly polite and takes all your wishes into account. And all that for a fair price! Can only recommend!!

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